Maurizio Vanni

Maurizio Vanni


The genesis of matter and quantum mechanics

Meggiato has made independence, enterprise, experimentation, the sense of belonging, introspection, the investigation of nature and the study of symbolic, esoteric and socio-anthropological phenomena a means to learn, to know oneself and to allow each person to look again at nature through intellectual and meditational processes. His works are often related to thinking of introspective identities seen from a contemporary perspective. At a time when the natural can be interpreted and examined from any perspective and with any conceivable instrument, the sculptor invites us to recover an awareness of the remote past, the strength of our origins and those primordial energies that complement and distinguish the individual in the age of globalisation. In all his work we recognise an attempt to unite opposites (light and shadow, substantial and void), to create dialogue between structures and things seemingly unconnected to each other (materials, structures, colours and forms), where the supernatural can turn itself into the common thread that binds everything in the world.

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The Freedom of Matter

Gianfranco Meggiato is one of those artists who can never be con- fined within a spatial or temporal category of art history, or studied in terms of comparisons with, or references to, artists of the past. The Venetian sculptor consciously decided to become an artist in response to a distinct predisposition for the discipline. He works in the awareness that he needs to select the medium appropriate to his experience and understanding of visual art, as well as to his consideration of himself as a man of his time and author of his own destiny, irrespective of the technique, style and materials chosen. Meggiato has no fear of responsibility or challenges; he has always shown attention and respect for the Renaissance arts and, perhaps partly because of this, has maintained an expressive code that is independent and recognisable over time, yet always changing. He leaves nothing to chance while establishing nothing in advance in studies or preparatory drawings. Everything that looks ‘within reach of the eye’ morphs into an enigma to be solved while what appears contorted, cryptic and impenetrable breaks down magically before our eyes, provided we surrender to his work, temporarily becoming an active, integral part of it.

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