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CASTOR AND POLLUX RETURN TO ROME (1.12.2023 – 1.02.2024)

“Castor and Pollux return to Rome” Via Veneto and Porta Pinciana will host eleven large sculptures re-interpreting the Myth of Castor and Pollux by artist Gianfranco Meggiato 1 December 2023 to 1 February 2024
A major exhibition by sculptor Gianfranco Meggiato is scheduled 1 December-1 February in Rome.
Eleven monumental sculptures will be set up in an emblematic site in the Capital, in the heart of the Municipality 1 area between Via Veneto and Porta Pinciana.

“The Dioscuri Return to Rome” is the title of an exhibition promoted by the Municipality of Rome 1 Centre – Department of Culture and the Via Veneto Association. It is organized by the “Gianfranco Meggiato Art and Culture Foundation” with Scientific Curator Dimitri Ozerkov, the former Director of the Department of Contemporary Art of Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg who resigned his post in October 2022 in protest over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The inauguration is scheduled on Friday 1st December at 10:00 at Porta Pinciana. It will be attended by the artist and the Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Rome 1, Giulia Silvia Ghia. It will be possible to follow the exhibition itinerary using smartphones and a map complete with images and descriptions activated by scanning a QR code located on the info boards accompanying every sculpture.

The catalogue will be presented in January 2024, to coincide with the closing of the exhibition, published by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori.

“Bringing this imposing exhibition involving 11 works to the centre of the capital,” said Gianfranco Meggiato, “means we can draw on the roots of Ancient Rome to convey an extremely topical vision: just as Càstor and Pollùx were “different” brothers – one mortal and the other divine – so we too, today, are invited to reflect on the value of what seems to be unlike us to acknowledge it as a source of enrichment for the community, in the awareness that we are all leaves on the same tree, we are all waves on the same sea. This, for me, is the essence of true brotherhood.”

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