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Exhibition at Rusnano, Moscow (10 february – 1 march 2012)

Master sculptor Gianfranco Meggiato exhibited at the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies in collaboration with Art & Space Gallery, Munich. He was invited by Anatoli Ciubais, General Director of the center, in order to help finding a relation between science and contemporary art. As a result, Gianfarnco Meggiato was the most acclaimed artist during the event! Ciubais, among the foremost politicians in today’s Russia, highlighted the relations between Gianfranco Meggiato’s artworks and mathematics, at the basis of nanotechnology, and the resemblance between the sculptures and the mathematical formulae. In fact, the sculptor believes that mathematics is the fundamental tool to interpret the natural laws of physics that rule the creation of energy, matter, atoms, molecules, cells. Art that takes inspiration from energy and nature follows, albeit unconsciously, such laws.

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