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GIANFRANCO MEGGIATO AWAKENING (15.06.2024 – 30.09.2024)

15 June – 30 September 2024: Forte dei Marmi Local Council, the Villa Bertelli Foundation and Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery proudly present a public art exhibition by Gianfranco Meggiato (Venice, 1963). His works will also be displayed in the streets and squares of Forte dei Marmi itself (Lucca). The inauguration will take place on Saturday 15 June at 18:30 in Piazza Garibaldi.

The exhibition – titled Risveglio-Awakening – seeks to stimulate the awakening of awareness and encourage thought by taking art outside museums into the squares and among the people. Throughout the summer, the most characteristic corners of this city in Tuscany will host a cultural event freely accessible to the public at large.

Gianfranco Meggiato’s art is not merely intended for contemplation but above all for action. By transforming urban spaces into stages, where his large abstract sculptures become the main players, the artist emphasises the universal character of artistic language and its ability to connect past and present and share messages.

Meggiato’s works are made of aluminium using the stirrup casting technique or bronze with the lost wax casting technique. They are mounted on stainless steel bases, standing from two to five metres in height. They mark out an itinerary between the seafront and the streets in the centre of Forte dei Marmi, prompting dialogue with the urban spaces and the surrounding landscape.

Risveglio-Awakening – the title work of the exhibition – is a new sculpture standing four metres high previewed on this occasion. Its spiral, upwards-reaching movement symbolises flight, a re-awakening, a redemption of human beings who acquire the awareness needed to free themselves from conditioning. In plastic terms, they are effectively two stylized wings supporting and raising upwards a large, shiny sphere symbolising awareness.

In choosing this title – Awakening – for the exhibition, Meggiato refers to the phenomenon of heightened awareness seen on a global scale for several years. Convinced that people cannot live only for themselves, preying on others and nature while thinking exclusively about materiality, Meggiato through his research seeks to support the concept of a freer and more conscious attitude that will progressively open up to an understanding of the world and the meaning of life.

Simultaneously, the Oblong Gallery of Contemporary Art venue spaces in Forte dei Marmi is home to a selection of Meggiato’s sculptures that complete the journey of knowledge about the artist from Venice and his work.

“Awakening” by Gianfranco Meggiato is the exhibition event that Forte dei Marmi promotes to enhance the city with great works of art during the most important time of year.

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