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On Friday, October 20th, at 12 pm, , Gianfranco Meggiato’s installation “My Free Thought. The Silent Muse” will be presented in Piazza del Duomo, near the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Corte.

During the inauguration the mayor Alessandro Tomasi, the artist and curator Maurizio Vanni will take part in the event. The 4 meter-high sculpture made of aluminum, stainless steel and yuta bags is a symbol of defense of art and culture. In the center of this fortification, “My Free Thought”, in white aluminium, represents a free thought rising above the entire composition.

This monumental sculpture means that no weapons but only art, free thinking and awareness can save man from himself. The artwork, which wants to embrace the city as the Italian Capital of Culture, was presented in June, 10th, in the MARCA and the International Park of Sculpture in Catanzaro and awarded by Icomos (Unesco). The installation will remain in Piazza del Duomo until November 20th.

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