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NINETY-TWO (5.03.22 – 5.04.22)

1992 told thirty years later

review by the Municipality of Prato

From 5 March to 05 April 2022 – Prato (PO)

The Municipality of Prato and the Pecci Museum, Center for Contemporary Art, in collaboration with the young people under 26 of the Officina delle Voci project, promotes the NOVANTADUE review from 5 March 2022 – 1992 told thirty years away: A series of meetings, shows, talks and exhibitions with free admission to tell and reflect on 1992, the year that with the end of the First Republic parties and with the season of the Mafia massacres, much more than others changed the face and recent history of our country.

The exhibition will start on Saturday 5 March 2022 at 11.00 in Piazza Santa Maria delle Carceri with the inauguration of the work The Spiral of Life by Gianfranco Meggiato. An installation consisting of over 1,400 jute bags, with the curatorship of Mirco Marin, dedicated to innocent victims of the Mafia, for a public monument of pain and memory. At the center of the spiral structure a new vital hope stands as a symbol of rebirth: it is the sculpture My Free Thought,  that develops vertically for four meters. This is the first major installation in honor of the victims of the Mafia, created in Palermo in 2018 as a collateral work of Manifesta12, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. 

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