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SHANGHAI ART FAIR (14-18 September 2011)

From 14 to 18 September 2011, the Master Gianfranco Meggiato will be present at the Shanghai Art Fair together with the Masters Antonio Nunziante and Vincenzo Balsamo. Shanghai Art Fair is the most important exhibition in China, China by itself manages one-third of world art market. This will be the beginning of a collaboration between three masters: Gianfranco Meggiato with his “Introscultura”, Vincenzo Balsamo with his “the Lyrical Abstraction” and Antonio Nunziante with his “New Metaphysics”. Objective of this union is spreading throughout the world an Italian art made of energy, sophistication and sensitivity, where the artist expresses his artistic concept sublimating the source material. The sculptor returned to work with the wax and bronze, the painter returned to painting with oil paints and watercolors.

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