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Sphere Enigma in Montecarlo (3 september 2012)

On Monday, September 3, Prince Albert will open up a new exhibition in a sculpture park in Montecarlo. Gianfranco Meggiato has been invited to exhibit a monumental work, so on that occasion he will introduce for the first time his Sphere Enigma, measuring 190″ in diameter and weighing 11.000 pounds. A scale model of the same artwork and a rendering of the final installation have already been presented to the organizing committee, the Minister of Culture, and the Prince himself. They all showed their utmost appreciation and made the sculpture the main piece of the event. This monumental sculpture is already under construction at the Maestro’s atelier and it will be made of stainless steel and bronze. It will be placed on a square pedestal and provided with a motor that will make it spin on its axis, thus reproducing on a monumental scale the concepts of revolution and interaction of space and artwork that are so important for Gianfranco Meggiato.

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