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THE RESTLESS TWENTIETH CENTURY (from 15th March to 22nd June 2014)

THE RESTLESS TWENTIETH CENTURY Vedova, Vasarely, Christo, Cattelan, Hirst, Meggiato and the Genesis of Third Millenium Curate by Stefano Cecchetto e Maurizio Vanni We often ask ourselves if there exists an identity, a point of reference, a way of being through doing that would enable us to establish what art of the here and now represents. Can the artists of our contemporary age be considered true witnesses of their time? Since the 1950s – even if the first signs of change could be perceived as early as the 1930s – artist have tried to re-write the history of art, going beyond the academic parameters of painting and sculpture. Out of this have come original works, provocative and irreverent artistic experiments, but always in step with a dynamic, constantly evolving society. 15 March – 22 June 2014

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